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2 days in Genoa

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Genoa, located along the captivating Italian Riviera, is a city rich in history, culture, and stunning seaside views.
Travel Visa and Entry Requirements  Entry Requirements: Verify visa requirements and passport validity for Italy based on your nationality. Check entry requirements here.
Flights                             Find and book flights to Genoa on popular platforms like Skyscanner or Iberia.
Accommodation                       Accommodation Options: Discover and book hotels, boutique lodgings, or vacation rentals in Genoa on platforms like Booking.com or Agoda.
Transportation                Transportation Guide: Explore Genoa conveniently using local transportation, including buses and trams. Get transportation information here. Renting a car: Compare options from top providers, access competitive prices, and enjoy hassle-free booking with Rentalcars.com.
Weather & Local Time  Weather Forecast: Plan your visit by checking Genoa's weather forecast on BBC Weather or AccuWeather. Time Zone: Genoa operates on Central European Time (CET), so check the local time here.
Local Cuisine                       Culinary Delights: Savor Ligurian cuisine and fresh seafood at local trattorias and restaurants.
Activities and Tours                Exciting Activities: Enhance your Genoa experience with guided city tours, visits to historic sites, and exploring the Old Port. Discover activity options on GetYourGuide.
Local Events and Festivals          Event Calendar: Check for local events and festivals happening during your stay in Genoa. The city hosts various cultural events throughout the year. Find events here.
Travel Insurance                    Travel Insurance: Safeguard your journey with comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Explore options with trusted providers like Safteywing.
Connectivity and Wi-Fi             Stay Connected: Access Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data options to stay connected while exploring Genoa with Airalo. Also, many cafes and public spaces offer free Wi-Fi.
Travel Budget                      Budget Planning: Estimate your daily expenses and create a budget for your Genoa getaway using resources like Numbeo. International Travel Card: Consider carrying an international Wise card for convenience and currency exchange here.



Start your day with a traditional Italian breakfast at a local cafe, featuring espresso and pastries.
Begin your exploration in the heart of Genoa's historic center, known as the "caruggi." Wander through narrow, winding streets, and take in the charming architecture.

Palazzo Ducale

Visit the Palazzo Ducale, a stunning palace filled with art and history.
Explore the courtyards, galleries, and gardens to get a sense of Genoa's past.


Head to a local trattoria for a taste of Genoese cuisine. Don't miss out on trying pesto Genovese or freshly caught seafood dishes.


Visit the magnificent Genoa Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Lorenzo) and the nearby Baptistry.
Explore the Via Garibaldi, a UNESCO World Heritage site lined with historic palaces and museums.
Stop by the Strada Nuova Museums to see some impressive art collections.


Stroll along the waterfront promenade, the Corso Italia, and take in the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.
Enjoy dinner at a waterfront restaurant, where you can savor fresh seafood while watching the sunset.


Start your day with another delicious breakfast.
Visit the Aquarium of Genoa, one of Europe's largest aquariums, and explore the fascinating marine life on display.

Old Port (Porto Antico)

Spend some time exploring the Old Port area, which has been transformed into a modern and vibrant district.
Visit the Galata Maritime Museum to learn about Genoa's maritime history.


Enjoy a seafood lunch at one of the restaurants in the Old Port area, soaking in the maritime atmosphere.


Take a leisurely stroll along the seafront promenade, enjoying the sea breeze.
Visit the Bigo Panoramic Lift for breathtaking views of the city and harbor.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Explore Via XX Settembre, a popular shopping street with both boutique stores and major brands.
Don't forget to pick up some Genoese pesto, local wines, or traditional Genoese focaccia as souvenirs.


For your final night in Genoa, savor one last Genoese dinner at a cozy restaurant.
If you have the energy, experience Genoa's nightlife with a visit to a local bar or music venue.

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