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Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a city steeped in history, culture, and charm. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, the city has something for everyone. To make the most of your 3-day trip to this enchanting city, here's a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of your visit. Happy exploring!
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• Breakfast at Café Central
Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Café Central, a historic coffeehouse in Vienna known for its elegant interior and delicious pastries. Sip on coffee and savor a traditional Viennese breakfast.

• Vienna City Hall (Rathaus)
After breakfast, head to Vienna City Hall (Rathaus). While you may not have time for an in-depth tour, you can admire the stunning Neo-Gothic architecture and take some photos of this iconic landmark.

• People's Garden (Volksgarten)
Stroll over to the nearby People's Garden (Volksgarten), a beautifully landscaped park with fragrant rose gardens and tranquil pathways. Enjoy a leisurely walk amidst the greenery and take in the serene atmosphere.


• The Hofburg (Court Palace)
Continue your exploration to The Hofburg, the former imperial palace of the Habsburgs. Visit the Imperial Apartments and the Sisi Museum to learn about the fascinating history of the Austrian monarchy.

• Heroes Square (Heldenplatz)
Explore Heroes Square, located just outside The Hofburg. This historic square is a significant site where many important events in Austrian history have taken place. Admire the equestrian statues and grand architecture.


Take a break for lunch at a nearby restaurant or café. You'll find plenty of options around the Hofburg area to enjoy Austrian cuisine.


• Mozart House
Head to the Mozart House, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once lived. Explore the museum to learn about the composer's life and work in Vienna. It's a short walk from the Hofburg.

• St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom)
Next, make your way to St. Stephen's Cathedral, one of Vienna's most iconic landmarks. Climb the tower for panoramic views of the city, or step inside to admire the stunning Gothic architecture.

• Graben
Walk down to Graben, a bustling shopping street in Vienna's historic center. Enjoy some leisurely shopping, or simply soak in the atmosphere of this lively area.

• St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche)
Finally, visit St. Peter's Church (Peterskirche), a beautiful baroque church located near Graben. Explore its exquisite interior, including the ornate dome.


Wrap up your day with a pleasant dinner at a nearby restaurant or return to your hotel to relax and reflect on your day of exploration in Vienna.


• Breakfast at Café Demel
Start your day with a delightful breakfast at Café Demel. Enjoy a Viennese coffee and their famous pastries in this historic and charming coffeehouse.

• Schönbrunn Palace
Head to Schönbrunn Palace, one of Vienna's most iconic attractions. Explore the palace's opulent rooms, beautiful gardens, and don't forget to visit the Gloriette for panoramic views of the city.


Have lunch at one of the restaurants or cafes in the Schönbrunn Palace area. You can enjoy traditional Austrian dishes or international cuisine.


• Belvedere Palace
After lunch, make your way to the Belvedere Palace. Explore both the Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere, which house impressive art collections, including works by Gustav Klimt.

• Prater
In the afternoon, head to the Prater, Vienna's famous amusement park. Take a ride on the iconic Ferris wheel, known as the Riesenrad, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this historic entertainment park.


You have a few options for the evening
Dinner at Prater Enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants or eateries within the Prater, where you can savor Austrian dishes or international cuisine.
Evening Concert If you're interested in classical music, consider attending an evening concert in Vienna, which is famous for its musical heritage. You can find performances at various venues throughout the city.
Return to City Center If you prefer a quieter evening, return to Vienna's city center and explore the nearby streets, cafes, and restaurants for a relaxing end to your day.
On this day you visit some of Vienna's most renowned attractions, from the grand palaces to the historic amusement park, all while enjoying the city's culinary delights. Adjust the timing based on your preferences, and make sure to check the opening hours and any reservation requirements for the attractions and dining establishments you plan to visit.


• Breakfast at Café Jelinek
Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Café Jelinek, where you can savor Viennese coffee and a selection of pastries.

• Art History Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum)
After breakfast, head to the Art History Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum), one of Vienna's premier art museums. Explore its vast collection of artworks, including pieces by famous artists like Vermeer and Rembrandt.


• Naschmarkt & Lunch
Stroll over to the Naschmarkt, Vienna's famous food and flea market. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the market's stalls, where you can find a variety of international and local cuisines for lunch.


• Explore Viennese Art Nouveau: Jugendstil
After lunch, embark on a journey to explore Viennese Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil. This artistic movement left a significant mark on Vienna's architecture and design.

• Secession
Visit the Secession Building, an architectural masterpiece designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich. The Secession is known for its unique design and exhibitions of contemporary art.

• Karlsplatz Pavilions
Walk to Karlsplatz and admire the Karlsplatz Pavilions, designed by Otto Wagner, one of the most influential figures of Vienna's Art Nouveau movement.

• Church of St. Charles (Karlskirche)
Continue your exploration by visiting the stunning Church of St. Charles (Karlskirche), a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. You can also choose to go inside and appreciate its magnificent interior.

• Hundertwasser House
End your day with a visit to the Hundertwasser House, a colorful and whimsical building designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It's a striking contrast to the more traditional architecture you've explored earlier.


For the evening, you can choose to have dinner at a restaurant in the area or return to the city center to enjoy Vienna's vibrant culinary scene.
This day offers a blend of art, culture, and architecture, allowing you to experience the unique beauty of Vienna's Art Nouveau and appreciate its rich artistic heritage. Don't forget to check the opening hours of the museums and attractions and make any necessary reservations in advance for a smooth visit. Enjoy your trip to Vienna!

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